Human trafficking statistics

Human trafficking is one of the most evil crimes and it always involves an abuse of (multiple) universal human rights. Human trafficking typically comes with criminal activities such as coercive recruiting, forcing people to work, illegal transfer & transport of people (usually across borders but also within countries) as well physical and other exploitation. Unfortunately trafficking is so common, that many HUNDRED thousands of children and adults (men as well as women) experience this degrading crime. Virtually every country in the world is affected. And even worse: It is not easily stopped. More surveillance? More police officers? It’s not that easy, unfortunately. However, on this website, you will find at least some solutions that may be able to mitigate the problem. But first things first: What is actually is human trafficking? It can be defined by 3 core elements:

First: This is the actual ‘method’ or action which comes into play when the crime is done. It may for example be ‘kidnapping’, ‘harboring’ or ‘tricking people into moving to another country with wrong promises’.

Second: The second core element is what the trafficker makes use of: fraud, force, promises or vulnerability.

Third: The third is the purpose (the final aim of the trafficking) of the whole crime: It may be forced labor (i.e. slavery) or sexual exploitation in a brothel.

According to human trafficking statistics…

According to human trafficking statistics, exploitation of human beings is carried out in every single country of the world. Regularly, people are trafficking from poorer regions to more industrialized or richer regions or countries. The countries most affected by trafficking are some of the world’s poorest. The highest amount of trafficking is due to sexual exploitation. 70% of all trafficking is done for the purpose of sex and sexual abuse. Ranging second is forced labor (18%). People trafficked to work for others often have to live like slaves and work in farming or mining. A third form of human trafficking is done to create a market for domestic slavery. Victims have to work in houses: cleaning and gardening etc. This often comes with a master-slave-relation involving dominance and submission. Such a “house slave” who works at an average person may be under threat of violence, unlawful or even no service payment and (again) sexual abuse.

Another big issue is child labor: another variation of human trafficking that is so widespread, it safely can be said to exist in every country. Often, the under-age children have to work to feed themselves or their family, if they do not want to die. Their work environment is mostly very harmful to their emotional, physical, educational and social personal development.

Summary: Human trafficking exists everywhere. Many industries are involved in this crime, ranging from construction to agriculture, from garments to the sex industry. Even food processing and health care in industrialized countries are often involved. So, one can say that human trafficking not only exists in many countries and regions, but even in many industries. And the numbers of recorded or estimated trafficking crimes go up and up and up. New laws being implemented could not stop human trafficking as of now.

Human trafficking statistics

trafficking chart There are many organisations that track human trafficking cases and try to help victims or stop human trafficking at all. But unfortunately most cases can not be tracked and very few cases can be resolved. It is therefore necessary to not just rely on these organizations but to work together as a community and take on the responsibility we have on this earth – for us, our neighbors and our children. We can in fact do something to fight human trafficking. There many anti-trafficking movement and you can join them and work for the life of the poor countries and people affected by trafficking. Be educated and be involved! Participate! Share your wisdom with your friends and family and make sure everyone knows how to avoid human trafficking happening in your neighborhood!

The crime of human trafficking is a very real threat that still affects the United States to this day. Education about this crime has been mounting with each day, and as this happens, more people come forward to retell the frightening tales of their experiences. Many of these victims take on fake names to protect themselves, though many would believe just sharing their stories is brave enough. Primetime television did a report on a girl who chose the false name of ‘Debbie’, who told her story about her abduction.

The most terrifying part about Debbie’s story was that it began with a phone call from someone she believed to be a friend, innocently wanting to stop by for a visit. It went well enough, and as they were parting ways, Debbie went to give her friend a hug, where she was then forced inside her friend’s vehicle– abducted from her own front yard! Debbie was sent on a long drive, for hours, with constant turns to the point where she couldn’t recognize where she was, even though she was merely half an hour’s drive away from her home.

From there, Debbie became the victim of threats as well as phsyical and sexual abuse. She explained to the reporters that the friend (or so she thought) who kidnapped her asked her where she wanted to be shot. He then toyed with the gun, counting to three, and pulled the trigger only for the gun to not fire. Debbie retold how he laughed at her then, and how it only terrified her further.

Debbie was then forcibly drugged and raped by five men, including her kidnapper and a middle-aged man who orchestrated the whole episode. When they were finished with her, they stuffed her into a drawer underneath the kidnapper’s bed, where she waited, terrified. When police came to find her, she didn’t even dare make a sound, lest retaliation come from her abductors.

While some of the stories of abduction involve betrayal from a known friend, another common tale involves some kind of offer that a victim finds difficult to refuse, mostly involving some kind of job offer or modeling career. Another young woman gave her story to a Fox News station about her terrifying journey. She chose the false name ‘Jules’ to protect her identity. At the time, she was nineteen, and told her abductors that. The abductor became enraged, however, having paid a lofty sum for someone he thought was a minor, but actually was not. Jules continued on to explain she was often sold to other traffickers, with claims she was thirteen.

Jules continues to use her false name when she helps educate the community about the dangers of human trafficking and abductions, in order to help prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else. The things she warns young teens about include wariness; traffickers will often go to social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on, reading what these young teens will post. Predators love when kids are rebellious against parents or unhappy with their lives.

As for parents, the biggest step to protecting your children is to be aware. Parents should be aware of all these plots and schemes predators commonly use, and should be aware of any red flags that their children might be coming into one of these traps. Children should be informed of these kinds of situations that happen every day in an honest, frank, but gentle manner, preparing them to tell their parents if they know any of the signs. Talking with your children is one of the biggest ways to prevent abduction and child slavery.

Education of the community is also a very large opponent to human trafficking. Good communities will come together as a watch against any of their own being taken away, and again, honest, frank, and respectful discussion will help raise awareness.

Many organizations exist today that are fighting this modern-day slavery. They fight hard by launching various efforts to rescue the victims of the human slave trade, bringing the abductors and slavers to justice, and ultimately, their goal is to end human slavery in its entirety. These groups create teams that bring potential threats to light, making local authorites aware of any potential signs of danger.

They key facet to all of this, however, is to actively seek an end to human trafficking. Communicate. Communicate with your children, with your community, and be aware of any threats, any organizations helping to combat that threat, and of efforts being made by authorities and commoners alike to stop this insidious crime. To this day, petition drives and educational websites like this one are being made to make knowledge of human trafficking more public, as well as push for harsher punishments for those found guilty of modern-day slavery. Americans can stand united to help put a stop to this crime, and protect the freedom that this country has prided itself on.

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